We have packages to fit almost any budget


Our typical engagements:


☑️ Sales Audit


$2,500 one time

✓ Deal Flow audit
✓ Sales Insights Report
✓ Strategic Review
✗ Ongoing Reporting
✗ Monthly Strategy

📊 Sales Insights



✓ Sales Audit Included
✓ Ongoing Insights Reports
✓ Analytical Strategist
✓ Monthly Strategy
✓ Unlimited Users

🧱 Custom

Deep Engagement


✓ Sales Insights Included
✓ Strategic Consulting
✓ Advanced CRM Support
✓ Custom Data Models
✓ Productization


For every customer,

Get a Sales Audit

We want every customer to be 100% successful. We need to make sure that your pipeline is well suited for Sales Insights. We’ll analyze your existing deal flow, clean it up, produce an audit report and then have a strategic consultation with you.
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Begin Sales Insights

Once we have your deals data in shape, then we begin the ongoing Sales Insights reporting and consulting. Every week & month your Analytical Sales Strategist will work with you to uncover opportunities & risks within your pipeline. We’ll work with you every step of the way.

Optimize the business

Every business has custom delivery and marketing initiatives. We don’t stop at just Sales Insights. Our data scientists, CRM administrators and business analysts can work with you to give you custom insights unique to your business.
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We have the services & partners to support you

Increase leads

Channel Management

Content Writing, Ad Management, Lead Generation and more, we have channel partners.
Keep it clean

CRM Administration

Keep your data clean and automate your sales workflows to make your team more efficient.
Improve your position


Our brand partners can help you improve the messaging of your company and marketing assets.
Increase Sales

Conversion Optimization

Improve the performance of the lead generation to get more deals into the sales team.


How to get started?

We love talking about sales strategies and business. Connect with us and tell us more about your unique situation.

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Sales Insights is a sales analytics and strategy firm that uncovers opportunities and deal-breakers for any sales team.
Sales Insights implements the OSM data model. Visit OSM to learn more.