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Glossary of terms used within Sales Insights and sales & marketing generally



Bottom of Funnel

Bottom of Funnel is the part of the sales pipeline where a Lead has been Qualified and becomes a Deal that is being actively worked. Sales Insights reports on bottom of funnel activities.


Customer Relationship Management system. A CRM holds the sales information for a company. There are many types of paid CRMs like,, Sales Insights works with all CRMs and even spreadsheets to analyze sales data.


A Deal is a Lead that has become Qualified. Deals are the primary record that Sales Insights reports on.

Objective Sales Management (OSM)

Objective Sales Management is the data based franework that Sales Insights implements. You can learn more at

Qualified Lead

A Lead/Prospect that has reached the businesses’ specific qualification criteria. At a minimum, this usually means that the lead 1) Has budget and 2) Has a need. A business might have more specific criteria. Only Qualified Leads are used for forecasting in Sales Insights

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Sales Insights is a sales analytics and strategy firm that uncovers opportunities and deal-breakers for any sales team.
Sales Insights implements the OSM data model. Visit OSM to learn more.