Client Work

Client Work

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Variety in our projects

We pride ourselves on having helped a diverse set of companies from startups to large established enterprises. We’ve tackled many types of challenges. Our process covers a wide array of client needs

Big or small

Whether big or small projects we always orient our work towards the needs of the client. Hop on a Strategy Call to discuss your unique challenges.

Project Overviews

Below are some of our clients and projects. We’d love to help you with a similar challenge or something unique to you.

Also see detailed Case Studies about client issues & opportunities discovered with Sales Insights reports | Education

Sales Performance

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“They add great business value, and they are very transparent about what they do. It has been a great arrangement for Exam Master.”
- Matt Bader, CEO

Audit & Improvement

For Exam Master we audited the sales team, marketing and operations processes to discover issues and opportunities. We improved their Stages, Qualification and Sales Biases that were making it difficult to hit quota. After reporting on the 4 Factors, Exam Master was able to discover team members that were not performing to minimum standards.

New Beginnings

These insights led them to bring in a new director of sales, they were able to revamp their product and brand and enter new markets to grow the company. | HIPAA Video API

Product Market Fit

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Product Market Fit

For Markee, who was still discovering Product Market Fit at the time we began working with them, we consulted on their Top of Funnel processes. The goal was to identify marketing vendors and processes that were not working.

Strategic Check-in

Every week we met with leadership to discuss last week’s progress and the next week’s goals. Our insights helped them identify underperforming lead generators and refocus their effort on their most viable lines of business.

Pivot to Success

Their success in pivoting and discovering a consistent Qualification criteria allowed them to then move into Bottom of Funnel management with Sales Insights. | Luxury Flights

Lead Generation & Optimization

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Custom Development

For Letsflycheaper, our relationship began with custom software development, developing their proprietary bookings systems. The booking system would be used to standardize Qualified leads and increase Win Rate among their sales team.

Lead Generation

After deploying the booking system, we began assisting with Top of Funnel lead generation and ad optimization. Later on we developed a custom sales team analysis model which informed Customer Acquisition Cost, margin, sales person performance and company profitability.

Improve Profit

Letsflycheaper used this model to discover underperforming sales persons and key accounts that drove bottom line profit. | Digital Agency

Sales & Marketing Management

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Total Channel Management

For Resolve Digital we took a total channel approach to their business. First we clarified their brand position and key strengths of the team. Secondly we developed a target client profile that would be ideal for their strengths. Then channel by channel we implemented strategies to boost inbound lead flow.

Double Performance

The work resulted in doubling traffic to their content; engaging partners to extract maximum value from the sales funnel; recovering stale leads; generating new appointments; and most importantly generating more qualified leads.

Sales Insights

We implemented the Sales Insights reporting platform so that the business has visibility into the performance of the sales team. | SaaS

Product Development & Positioning

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SaaS Strategy

SimpleContract was a partnership project between our client to create a SaaS product within the contract management space. We developed the brand, messaging, user experience and product design necessary to bring this product to market.

Sales Insights

With a combination of competitive analysis, sales insights, and subject matter expertise, we were able to develop a cohesive prototype product that fulfills a niche within the contract lifecycle management space. Development is ongoing and marketing full launch is being planned. | Developer Staffing

Sales & Custom Data Models

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“These reports are awesome! Tell me that you’re selling this to other companies.”
- David Hemmat, CEO @

Sales Audit & Insights

For we implemented Sales Insights audit and a custom operations data model for their delivery team. We improved their funnel structure, standardized their qualification criteria, and cleaned up the historical record of deals.

Focused Improvement

The Sales Insights reporting uncovered opportunities within their channel flow, deal flow & account metrics which allowed them to re-double efforts on their best channels.

Operational Improvements

We also developed a Custom Data Model for their delivery & operations which allows them to see deep statistics about the performance of their recruiters. With this model they were able to uncover under performing recruiters and greatly increase the throughput of the team. (now | Managed Hosting

Churn & Account Management

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Reduce Churn

While at, Sales Insights CEO Rory Laitila developed churn reduction data model that allows for analysis and prediction of churn. From this model they were able to manage and track 10’s of millions in account value and keep account churn within the limits acceptable to the business.

Improve the Bottom Line

The Custom Data Model was able to prove the factors leading to account churn and allowed the business to refocus on the ‘top of funnel’ factors that were impacting bottom line revenue. was acquired and merged into

Sales Insights

Sales Insights implements churn statistics which can help achieve similar outcomes as | Travel SaaS

Development & Conversion Optimization

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“A very unique super-power combination, understanding sales, marketing, analytics, tech and branding. The ultimate talent stack needed for a full picture analysis”
- Chananya Bineth, CEO Pointy Travel

SaaS Strategy

We developed a proprietary first class flights bookings system used by travel agencies. ItineraryStream improves customer retention, sales team efficiency and Win Rate. Initially conceived as a SaaS app for other agencies, ItineraryStream became the nexus of performance for the partner agencies.

Improved Qualification

We developed a unique reservation experience for lead Qualification called ‘Trips’, leading to sales clarity, increased conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

Sales Insights

Combined with our Sales Insights analytical capabilities we were able to show which agents were over and underperforming, allowing the agencies to make employment decisions. | Lead Generation

Custom Data Modeling

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Custom Data Model is a outbound lead generation service with a unique approach to sales development. They get past the gatekeepers to find decision makers that will engage with your business. We assisted them with developing a custom data model for their lead generation strategy that would help them uncover the key factors of dial performance.

Doubled Performance

Using this data model they were able to differentiate viable leads and double the performance of the lead generation campaigns.
Best Buy | Technology Retailer

Sales Development Model

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Sales & Tracking

At Best Buy business development team, Sales Insights CEO Rory Laitila developed a sales tracking and reporting model for understanding the performance of store associates and attach rates.

Higher Attach Rates

One of the key objectives of Best Buy sales management was to achieve higher attach rates of mobile internet, at home services, and warranties. Performance of these attach rates varied widely across associates and was inconsistent. By tracking and analyzing store wide attach rates, he was able to improve the underlying activities that led to greater attachments, and deploy this among the team.

Management Visibility

Management was able to see trending performance in attach rates and achieve their monthly and quarterly objectives.
Advanced Multimedia Solutions | Audio/Video Install

Operational Improvement

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“As our business grew, they helped us find ways to handle the additional customers, streamline our processes, save time, and ultimately make us more successful. Best of all, many day to day processes which previously required hours of time are now handled with the click of a button”
- Brett Werner, CEO

Improve Operations

At AMS, we helped improve their delivery operations, revenue and profit by implementing systems and reporting. Our engagement allowed them to standardize their quoting, invoicing, work orders and delivery teams so that projects were completed on time, and billings were more promptly received.

Increase Revenue

The work allowed AMS to increase revenue, become the premier provider in the upper mid west, and reach wider market opportunities.

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